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RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and MSD (Muscular Skeletal Disorders) - Links & Information

This page is designed to offer the best evidence I can to help people find ways to beat their RSI / MSD problems.

People Who Help People Get Better

rsirescue.com - Suparna Damany

selfcare4rsi.com - Sharon Butler

deepaksharan.com - Dr. Deepak Sharan

My Old Alexander Technique School

This is where I did my AT teacher training year. I met quite a few people here that had recovered completely from RSI using AT - often then training to be AT teachers. The Director Anthony Kingsley taught me a lot - I will always be grateful for his liberal views, compassion and wisdom.

People Who Got Better

My recovery is enough for me to claim total cure from RSI. I acheived this by following a trail of anecdotal evidence from people who actually got better - not from just claiming they can help and not so much from people who got small improvements but continued to suffer. Here are links that can really help you!

Advice from Evan Weaver

I found this site by searching for "rsi recovery".

Rachel's RSI homage to Dr. John Sarno

Try searching for "rsi recovery Sarno"

A long journey to a cure for RSI.

His tale has much in common with mine except I was lucky to get to the stage of total cure much quicker having lucked into some very good advice much sooner. Also I spent more time trying the mind/body techniques.

This site has some good quotes:-

"Curing RSI requires knowledge that no medical 'expert' possesses. Only patients who have experienced it for many years, tried out every possible solution, and asked why, can comment sensibly about this horrendous problem (about which only THEY understand"

"All RSI is caused by excessively tight (hence weak) muscles, with sticky fascia."

How Justin Beat RSI

Used a mix of massage, stretching and Dr Sarno's technique. Talks of the holistic nature of RSI with the involvement of tension, anxiety, depression

I would like to add more links here. I have met a number of people who got better from RSI and other Muscular Skeletal Disorders. Like me many are teachers of the mind/body technique that got them better. Very few of them try to feed back their success stories into the RSI community which is a big shame.

Facebook Support Group

RSI Support Group

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